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basement waterproofing

There’s no denying that a huge number of homes are consistently susceptible to basement water damage. In fact, of all home with basements, over 98% will experience some type of water damage. This makes basement flooding a very real and very scary possibility for the overwhelming majority of homeowners with basements. If you ever experience basement flooding or water damage, it’s critical to understand how to properly deal with the issue immediately after it occurs. This helps to minimize the potential for long-term damages and health effects. Here are just a few steps to take immediate after your basement is damaged by water.

Do Not Enter!

It may seem counterintuitive, but as mentioned, there are significant health risks that come with entering a flooded basement, from electricity concerns to mold issues. If your circuit breaker isn’t located in your basement, turn off your home’s power immediately. If you skip this step, any electrical appliances in your basement could become extremely dangerous. If you’re unable to access your home’s circuit breakers, play it safe and call an electrician.

Document Damages

Before you get started with repairs or other basement waterproofing precautions, it’s important to document the flooding occurrence by photographing the damages. If possible, use a high-quality digital camera or phone to capture the images. Videos can also be a helpful resource to legitimize your claims for insurance. Skip this step and you may not get the compensation you’re truly entitled to.

Remove Water

Finally, once you’ve documented the damages and made the area safe to enter, you can start to remove the water. Depending on the severity of the flood, this could be a tough job, so it may be best to let a professional handle the job the right way. After this, you can start to consider basement waterproofing methods to prevent this from happening in the future. A waterproof basement is much less susceptible to damage.

Ultimately, in 2013, water damage accounted for 26.4% of all insurance loss claims in the U.S. Understanding the steps to take immediately after a basement flood is the key to maximizing safety and minimizing the damages. For more information about foundation repair services or how to ensure a waterproof basement, contact The Real Seal LLC.

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