Basement Foundation Crack Repairs

Foundation Cracks

Foundation CracksOften caused by shrinkage from a poured concrete foundation, cracks can grow over time and will eventually leak. Stress from I-Beams or Windows are other possible causes of these troublesome voids. Luckily, there exists a permanent repair that will not only stop any future water from seeping through the crack, but also strengthen your foundation, preventing future erosion of the crack.

Tie Rods

These metal clips that stick out of your foundation were once used to hold the drying concrete slabs of your foundation wall together. Like most metals, they will rust when water makes contact with them. This will occur from the outside of your foundation in, and once there is a big enough void, water will leak through them. Evidence of this in your basement will be seen by the rusty water stains that run from the Tie Rods to your floor. Much like the Foundation Crack, a permanent solution is available, and the same process is used.

The Real Seal Epoxy Injection

A trained specialized Real Seal technician will come to your home to fix the basement crack, on your schedule. Our 3- step basement crack repair process is fast and permanently effective, GUARANTEED.

  1. Debris and dust is removed from the crack. If a previous seal is present, the technician will remove that seal to expose the crack.
  2. An epoxy bonding material is applied with access ports, effectively creating a waterproof seal around the crack.
  3. With the seal dried, an industrial-strength epoxy is injected, filling the void of the crack.

That’s it. Once the epoxy is injected, water will be unable to penetrate your foundation from the crack. The epoxy will even strengthen your foundation wall. The finished product is aesthetically pleasing, plus it is able to be painted over. A foundation crack repair is no longer an eye sore, call today and see The Real Seal difference.

Repairs typically take an hour and a half to complete, and last for the life of your home.

Enjoy a LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE GUARANTEE on our crack repairs.

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