Next Generation Basement Waterproofing


The Real Seal is a next generation basement waterproofing company committed to improving the service and quality in which customers are treated. We pay attention to the little guys, no basement repair job deserves any less than our full attention. Waiting weeks for estimates and even months to get your basement waterproofed is a thing of the past.

Providing you with peace of mind is our goal. That’s why we have a Fully Transferable Lifetime Guarantee on most of our work. What does this mean? We are so certain our work will last that we will repair any work completed for the lifetime of the structure at no cost to the customer. Parts and Labor included in the guarantee, subject to Terms and Conditions.

We pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of fixing your leaking basement. Our personalized and expedited service will leave you smiling, and your basement dry. No more dreading rainstorms and wondering what you will come home to. Get The Real Deal with The Real Seal.

Our Technicians have had years of industry experience and have faced every type of problem that your basement may incur. Additionally, we train our Technicians in the most important skill of all, Customer Service. Allow us to show you just how important you are to us.