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wet basement

Your basement is literally and figuratively the foundation of your house. If you have a sturdy, dry basement, then you will have a great base for your home to rest on. But, if you have a wet basement, then you can potentially be set up for a nightmare.

Here are some wet basement horror stories that will inspire you to invest in some basement waterproofing.

A swimming pool of unwanted visitors
It is no secret that wet and damp environments are breeding grounds for creepy crawly animals. Make you regularly fix leaks in basement walls so you do not get surprised when massive spiders, leeches, and even snakes make themselves cozy in your home.

Silent but deadly
There have been many stories of homeowners falling mysteriously sick thanks to the mold in their house. In the case of one elderly woman, she was hospitalized with such a severe illness caused by mold that it took her eight full months to recover. The mold started in her basement and crept up the walls of her house into her attic due to a chronic basement leak.

Mushrooms are fungi that thrive in damp environments, like your basement. No one wants to deal with them, so make sure you invest in foundation sealing and perhaps even a concrete floor.

Pipes gone bad
Soggy, wet basements can be caused by the backup of sewage pipes. Making sure these pipes are regularly maintained is a surefire way to ensure your basement doesn’t fill up with waste, feces, and other disgusting things you don’t want to think of.

Water damage will happen in 98% of homes with basements, and in 2013, water damage accounted for almost 27% of all insurance loss claims in the United States. So in order to prevent these nightmares from happening to you, it is important to invest in home waterproofing solutions. This includes fixing any foundation cracks that are larger than a quarter-inch wide, sloping your grass and shrubbery away from your foundation, and properly cleaning your basement out if any water comes in.

But above all, invest in professional basement waterproofing. The professionals at The Real Seal are experts in foundation repair, waterproofing basements, and basement crack repair. Don’t wait until you are soggy, call them today!

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