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Home waterproofing

No homeowner wants to hear the words “you have water damage.” If water has entered your home despite your best efforts to keep it out, it can ruin everything you have worked so hard to maintain. In fact, 98% of all home basements will experience some type of water damage. Home waterproofing such as foundation sealing, fixing basement leaks, and repairing foundation cracks are crucial to keeping wet basements at bay. Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes, so here are some warning signs you could have a leak in your home.

Unpleasant odors
Hidden water has nowhere to go, so it will stay stagnant and soon develop mold. Mold typically smells musty and earthy, so keep your noses on alert, as a mold smell can appear before it starts to grow.

Peeling paint
Once drywall has been saturated with water, it causes the paint to lose adhesion. So if you notice paint chipping without it feeling wet, chances are you have a stagnant water problem.

Buckling floors and walls
Are your walls, door frames, or floors warped and buckled? This means that the drywall has absorbed water, making it swell. Buckling can happen slowly over time so keep an eye out for changes especially after storms.

Crumbling areas
Water damage is especially apparent in the moldings around windows, so if you notice crumbling wood in the window’s corners, this can indicate water infiltration that can slowly creep up and down walls.

Listen closely
Your water damage may be hidden within the walls of your home, meaning you may not be able to hear it. So the next time it rains, listen closely. Make sure to turn off any appliances and your heating and air conditioning unit to make your home as quiet as possible. Then simply listen closely for any drips or leaks.

Inspect your pipes
A common culprit of a home leak is missing or loose caulk around pipes. This can be caused simply by old age, or by water seepage. Notice a puddle under your sink? Check the pipes first before you panic!

As you can see, it is crucial to invest in quality home waterproofing to prevent water from infiltrating your home. Keep the water outside where it belongs and call The Real Seal today!

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