water proofing a basementEvery year, disastrous basement water leaks cause thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage. Even worse are the lingering after-effects of a flood, especially the mold spores that can pop up and cause serious breathing problems for the people living in your home. That’s why homeowners everywhere should know that water proofing a basement is something that can be accomplished in just a few weeks, and when it’s complete, it can actually up the resale value of your property.
So what exactly does fixing basement leaks, and preventing new ones from forming, require?

Focus on foundation repair.

Look for cracks along the walls of your basement both inside and outside. These may have resulted from poor workmanship when the home itself was built, or it could be just the result of a recently settled structure. Either way, filling in the gaps in the foundation is key, so ask the folks at your local home repair store what you’ll need to handle it, as you focus on water proofing a basement.

Check your exteriors.

Gutters, downspouts and drainage systems should be examined thoroughly in order to ensure there’s no major flaws in their functionality. Also, give the soil around your foundation an inspection to see if it encourages water to flow toward or away from your basement walls. (Hint: It should always flow away from them.) The easiest way to prevent a disaster before it actually happens is to perform regular maintenance on your outdoor drainage system.

Don’t put a bandage on a deep gash.

In other words, while water proofing primer and paint products might help in the short term, they’re purely aesthetic solutions that won’t hold up should you have another flood. The same thing goes for crack injections, which can act as a good first line of defense against rushing water but shouldn’t be thought of as permanent solutions.
Of course, you could always call up a professional service and hire them to tackle the job, too. Agencies with years of creative water proofing solutions under their belts tend to know all the tricks to saving your basement. Or, you could just watch endless videos on YouTube and try to handle it all yourself. Whatever you’re more comfortable with.

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