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Prevent Basement Leaks this Season Having a leaky basement can be a frustrating and costly experience. Prepare your home for the upcoming rainy season by making sure that your basement is leak-free and fully waterproofed. Clean your gutters regularly by removing leaves and debris. This will help prevent gutter overflow, which can leak into your foundation. Fill in holes and cracks in the foundation to prevent water leakage. Insulate your basement walls and pipes to prevent condensation, which can contribute to water issues. Make sure that the soil around your foundation slopes into your yard in order to prevent water from collecting and pooling around your house.

wetdownspoutFor all of your professional basement waterproofing needs, call The Real Seal at (847) 756-7987. Our experienced technicians provide efficient, quality customer service and a fully transferrable lifetime guarantee on most of our work. Call us today or explore the website to find out more about our dry season deals for your home.

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