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basement leaks when it rainsIf your basement leaks when it rains, you could be in for some serious trouble. Because when a basement leaks when it rains, that could mean your home is susceptible to flooding, foundation damage, water damage, and mold problems. Any one of those issues on their own could end up costing you a fortune if you don’t address the issue right away. An all of the above situation could cost you everything.

Here are a few ways to prevent basement leaks in your home.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Cleaned
If you aren’t taking care of your gutters and cleaning them regularly, water will overflow, bypass the storm drains, and begin to collect around your foundation. Instead of flowing through your downspouts, stormwater will end up seeping through your home’s foundation, forming invisible damage that only worsens over time. Every once in a while, especially after each season, you should clean out your gutters to prevent basement water leaks. Installing leaf guards and extending your home’s downspouts to direct water a few feet away from your home can help, too.

Beware of Your Landscaping
Your home’s surrounding soil is important to preventing home leaks, too. If your soil is too close to your home or isn’t sloped properly, even more water might end up draining into your home. You should place soil at least a few feet away from your house and make sure it’s at a slope of one-fourth of an inch per foot (or more).

Consult With Professionals
Unfortunately, fixing basement leaks can be much more difficult that just moving soil around or cleaning the gutters. To fully ensure that your home is protected from water damage, you should work with a professional sealing company. That’s especially important if you’ve been ignoring basement leaks for years already. Repairing a cracked foundation is a task that should be left to the pros, so contact a basement waterproofing specialist if you want to fully protect your home from leaks.

Remember: basement leaks can end up costing you a significant amount of money if you don’t take care of them in a timely fashion. In 2013, water damage accounted for roughly 26.4% of all insurance loss claims in the United States. If your basement leaks when it rains and you’re nervous your home’s structure and foundation is at risk, contact a basement waterproofing company like The Real Seal for assistance.

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