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home waterproofing

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Those leaky roofs, wet basements, and caved in walls are expensive fixes, and no one wants to have their beautiful home furnishings ruined by water intrusion and mold. That’s why the goal for any savvy homeowner is to prevent water from ever getting inside the home and making itself comfortable.

If you want to keep the water at bat, here’s a short list of home waterproofing tips:

1. Make sure your gutters are clean
Not only do messy gutters look unappealing, they can seriously threaten your home. Build up in gutters can cause rainwater to overflow and slowly trickle down your walls and into your foundation. Then the water will pool right on the side of your home, which has the potential to cause foundation cracks. If this happens to you, invest in a foundation sealing service right away. It is always a good idea to clean your gutters every other week, or right after a storm, and to direct your downspouts five to 10 inches away from the home.

2. Watch your landscaping
If your landscaping gets too close to your foundation, the constant watering will ultimately lead to foundation cracks. Plus, the roots of these plants have the potential of growing into your sprinkler system, drainage systems, and septic tanks. To prevent this, slope the soil around your home at least six inches for every horizontal 10 feet.

3. Keep an eye on your water bill
One of the most important home waterproofing solutions is as simple as checking your water bill. With all the pipes that are hidden within your walls, you may not know about a leak until the damage is done. If you find that your bill is extremely high, look around for caved walls and peeling paint, signs you have water damage within the layers of your walls.

4. Disconnect hoses
You should never have your hose connected to your house when it is not in use. This is because standing water in the hose may freeze back into the pipe that can cause an ice block that can stop your water flow.

If you need foundation repairs, make sure to contact an expert. If you want to prevent foundation repairs, contact our home and basement waterproofing experts. The professionals at The Real Seal will banish the water from your home and leave you with a dry, comfortable house!

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