Basement Window Well Drain Installation

Window WellsOften times, especially in older homes, window wells can act exactly like wells. They fill up with water and hold it, until you bail it out or erosion crates a void between the window and the foundation, allowing the water to seep in. Worst case scenario, the water comes pouring into your basement, and the pressure on the window can even shatter the glass.

The Real Seal Solution

Having a well fitted window well and cover is important to keeping water out of your window well. Most often, they will keep water from building up and seeping into your foundation via the window. In areas that experience excess water, a proper window well and cover may not be enough.

Installing a basement window well drain in your window well is a simple, fast, and extremely effective way of preventing water from entering your basement through a window in your basement. The window well drain may be linked into an existing drain tile system or directly into your sump pump to redirect the water out and away from your home. With a proper window well, cover and drain in place, your window well will be protected and dry.