Sump Pump Replacement

Sump Pump Replacement

Sump PumpUsed mostly in conjunction with a drain tile system, your Sump Pump pumps water from under or outside of your basement, through a discharge line, out and away from your house. Old Sump Pumps will eventually fail, causing water backup and flooding. Replace that old Sump Pump and sleep easy knowing your basement is Sealed.

Battery Backup Systems

Living in a flood area can be tough. Not knowing when you come home if your basement will have six inches of water or be dry can be a stressful thought. Rest assured with our Battery Backup System. Two Sump Pumps, a primary and a secondary, are connected to a battery backup, just in case power goes out during a storm. Should the worst happen, a switch automatically draws power from the battery, keeping your Sump Pumps running, and your basement dry.

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