Pipe Penetrations

Pipe PenetrationAny pipe that goes through your foundation wall, weather it be electrical, plumbing, or structural, is likely to have been improperly sealed when first installed. Corrosion of water, sweating pipes, and hydrostatic pressure can erode away the concrete around the pipe. As this happens, a void opens up that allows water from outside seep in next to the pipe. Often, you will be able to tell this is happening by the visible stains the water leaves behind.

The Real Seal Polyurethane Injection

Much like Epoxy Injection, a Real Seal technician will come to your home to fix your crack at your convenience using our three-step foundation repair process.

  1. Debris and dust is removed from the area around the pipe and, if necessary and present, the previous seal is removed.
  2. An epoxy bonding material is applied with access ports placed on either side of the pipe. This creates a waterproof seal around the pipe.
  3. Once the seal has dried, this time a Polyurethane Epoxy is injected into the void via the access ports, filling it and pushing out any stagnant water that may be present.

The unique characteristics of the Polyurethane Epoxy will activate once contact is made with water. The product will then expand rapidly, filling the entire void through the foundation. Quick to harden, the elastomeric property of the product allows for the slight movements of the pipe without any damage to the seal.

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