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 Maintaining your home’s foundation is the key to having a structurally sound house that is safe and comfortable. By continuously monitoring potential hazards, such as tree roots, you can help prevent foundation damage to your home. Keep reading to learn more about how tree roots can damage your home’s foundation.


Concrete Cracking and Buckling

Trees with aggressive root systems pose a danger to your home’s foundation. As these trees grow, plant tissues in the roots build up pressure. This pressure is strong enough to buckle concrete and crack tile, causing damage to the foundation.


Basement Cracks and Drainage Problems

Over time, invasive roots can increase in diameter and wedge themselves between basement walls and soil, creating more pressure. Eventually, the pressure becomes so great that it causes cracks in the basement walls. Invasive roots can also grow down basement walls and clog drainage systems.


Depletion of Soil Moisture

Tree roots near the shallow foundations of older homes can create problems with soil moisture. Trees that require lots of water absorb it from the soil, depleting the soil’s moisture and making the soil shrink. This causes damage to the foundation by destabilizing the ground.


Plumbing Damage

Drainage systems beneath your home, especially if you live in a drier climate with minimal annual rainfall, are susceptible to damage caused by tree roots. Because some species of trees, such as maples, willows, and aspens, have a root system that will travel in search of water, they may grow into pipes and clog drainage systems if they cannot obtain enough moisture from the soil.


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