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The foundation of your home is one of its most important structural components. When your foundation is damaged or having problems, it is important to address the issue right away. By diagnosing your foundation problems early on, you can avoid extensive basement flooding and damage. Here are some ways to identify foundation problems in your home:

Sagging Floors

 To identify foundation problems, you should start by evaluating the condition of your floors. If you notice that your floor is uneven or not level, this could be an indication of foundation problems underneath. You may also notice that areas of your floor are sinking or are very loud when you walk over them.

 Uneven Exterior

 Standing in your yard, you will be able to visually inspect the condition of your foundation. When you look down the length of your home, your foundation should appear to be in a straight line. Any unevenness or leaning could be an indication of structural damage.

 Damp Crawl Spaces

 You can also identify foundation problems by inspecting the crawl spaces in your basement. Any flooding or dampness inside your crawl spaces could indicate that there is a crack or leak in your foundation. You should also look to see if your posts and beams are in good condition.

 Significant Cracks

 While all foundations may develop small cracks over time due to shrinking concrete, significant cracking can cause major leaking and damage. If your foundation is cracked, you should check the cracks periodically to see if they are growing. Any major cracks or damaged areas should be inspected by a professional.

If your foundation is cracked and in need of repair, contact The Real Seal. We serve the Chicago area with a full range of home foundation repairs, and we will ensure that your foundation is sealed, waterproofed, and free of cracks. To learn more about our expert basement waterproofing and home foundation repair services, call us at (847) 756-7987.

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