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foundation repair services chicagoIn 2013, water damage was responsible for 26.4% of all insurance claims in the United States. Floods and the subsequent damages they cause are serious. For anyone who lives near a body of water, floods can tear through your basement causing mold and rot. What’s worse? The water damage to personal possessions isn’t your biggest issue at all. Foundation instability is.

Foundation Cracks and Water
Very small foundation cracks are actually fairly typical, even in new homes, but anything large enough for water to flow through will need to be sealed sooner or later. Water is one of the most powerful forces known to man. Even the smallest crack could allow water to pass though under the right (or wrong) environmental conditions.

The problem is that over time, just like the Grand Canyon and every river in the world, the water will erode the crack in the wall. If you never look into repairing a cracked foundation, your basement will flood with increased regularity.

Say your home has had a leaky basement for five years now. Perhaps it’s seen a few really rough winters along the way. This winter was really tough on everyone, but you had three days in a row of intense snow melt. Your basement is now flooding severely. The wooden support beams are getting damp. In the worse case scenario, your house could even partially collapse.

This worst case scenario might not be the best representation, but people¬†do¬†neglect repairing foundation leaks without thinking of the consequences. Another example, this one much more likely to collapse your home, happens in spring as well. Instead of a huge melt off, you get a lot of drastic weather changes. One night it’s below freezing and the next day you’re sunning yourself on the porch of your home. This cycle repeats.

The contraction and expansion of water stored in the ground surrounding your home, coupled with the water infiltrating your foundation cracks, could weaken the structure of your home so much that it would simply collapse.

More likely, the cracks slowly grow over time, filling your basement with water. Soon, mold and rot spreads throughout the home, causing financial and health risks.

Foundation Repair Services Chicago
Things can be replaced over time and homes can be rebuilt. But why should you ever need to worry about that? Take the first steps towards a more restful state of mind and contact the best foundation repair services Chicago has to offer today.

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