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wet basement


Owning a home is typically a good idea. Financially, you will have a large asset that you can sell later in life for a potentially large profit. Socially, you can raise a family there, or you can have friends over whenever you want. Above all else, a home is yours and you can do whatever you want there. If, however, you neglect upkeep and maintenance, you could end up paying a lot of money in repairs. To prevent that, here’s a list of essential household items that will keep your home in good working order.

  1. Washer and Dryer
    Every appliance in your home is important, but owning a home means having what you need in your own space. The ability to wash your clothes whenever you’d like without paying per load is a luxury for people coming from apartment life.
  2. Backup Generator
    If the power ever goes out, either due to extreme weather or just on a Saturday night, having a backup generator ready is a big deal. It can keep your refrigerator running, your WiFi working, and your whole house in order while you wait for the power to come back on.
  3. Sump Pump
    Sump pumps are necessary for homeowners with basements. If you have basement water leaks, you could end up damaging the foundation of your home. A wet basement isn’t good for anything, and unless you want to regularly use basement waterproofing services, you should get a pedestal sump pump. It can last 25-30 years if properly maintained, preventing the complications associated with having a wet basement.
  4. Dehumidifier 
    If your home does flood because of basement leaks, a dehumidifier will help remove the moisture from the air. Not only can this slow water damage, but it can prevent mold growth and musty smelling air.

    These are just a few of the many different pieces of equipment you will need as a homeowner. First aid supplies, non-perishable food items, drills and tools, fire prevention gear, and a number of other items are critical as well. Take care of yourself and your home, and you will live a happy life and see a great return on your investment.

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