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foundation sealingNo one wants water in their home. Not only can it be especially frustrating to remove water from your home completely, it can cause extensive structural damage. Plus, dampness and standing water can lead to mold and mildew growing in your home without you even knowing. With this in mind, it is incredibly important that every homeowner does what they can to keep their home as dry as can be, but some homeowners don’t know where to start.

With that in mind, we’ve created an easy-to-follow list on some of the easiest ways you can keep water out of your home.

  • Check the gutters and downspouts
    It’s easy for your gutters and downspouts to get moved around during a storm, so it pays to make sure they’re always where they need to be after it rains. As a rule of thumb, keep the downspouts about five feet away from the home’s foundation to cut down the risk of water pooling around the foundation and causing basement water leaks.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier 
    Excess moisture can easily build up in your home especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. To cut down on the moisture penetrating the walls and ceiling, invest in a dehumidifying system that can be used every day.
  • Look to your landscaping
    A large factor in water proofing basements is a home’s landscaping. Making sure to slope your plants and shrubs away from your home will ensure water doesn’t push onto the foundation and cause cracks that require extensive basement foundation repair.
  • Insulate water pipes
    Cold water pipes may develop condensation, which can drip and leak everywhere. This problem can be avoided easily by insulating the pipes, especially right before the winter season.
  • Clean up as soon as possible
    If for any reason there was a leak in your home, make sure to remove any organic items like bedding, towels, and upholstery as soon as possible, at least within 48 hours. Doing so will cut down on the potential for mold growth.
  • Don’t forget foundation sealing
    The best way to prevent the worst from happening in your home is to get foundation sealing once every year. You don’t want to wait until your basement is wet and there are foundation cracks to figure out a solution, so foundation sealing can help give you peace of mind.

There are plenty of ways to keep unwanted moisture out of your home. If you follow these steps and call a foundation repair contractor the first time you notice a problem, then you will have nothing to worry about and your home will be nice and dry all year long.

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