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What’s Causing that Musty Smell in the Basement?

 Though many of us tend to envision basements as dark, dank places, a musty smell can signify a potential problem. If you have recently noticed a musty smell in the basement, be sure to have a professional investigate it further to determine its cause.wet-basement

A musty basement odor definitely means that water is present. It could be due to a crack in the floor or wall, a failed Sump Pump, or a crack in the window. Check our “Leak Types” page to find out more about how water can enter your basement.

To fix a leak or waterproof your basement, contact The Real Seal at (847) 756-7987. Serving the greater Chicago area, our professional foundation repair and waterproofing specialists are committed to providing you with quality products and service. Call us today or submit a form(look on the sidebar) and we will call you!

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