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basement leaks causeAccording to data from the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are the number one disaster in America. In fact, flood claims amount to an average of over $3 billion each year. Basement leaks caused by heavy rain and flooding are no small problem. Even just a slightly wet basement could cost you quite a lot to repair. Flooding, then, is on a whole other level. Here’s why.

  1. Roof Damage
    One cause of basement leaks is backed up gutters or damaged shingles. If your roof comes under heavy rain, your gutters might break in addition to flooding. On top of that, you might face a waterlogged roof, which could mean an entire roof replacement.
  2. Foundation Repairs
    If you had cracks in your foundation before, they are sure to be worse now. This could lead to further leaks and even bigger problems. Repairing foundation leaks can be expensive and time-consuming.
  3. Water Damage
    Water, especially dirty groundwater that flows into your home during a flood, can be particularly destructive. It can dampen and potentially rot support struts, spread mold far and wide, and spread an awful odor throughout your home. If you don’t successfully dry your possessions within a day or two, you will need to throw them away.
  4. Sanitation
    In the case of most floods, you won’t be able to dry your home. If this happens, you’ll need to have your home sanitized. Scrap anything that got soaked in the flood. Mold can have incredibly bad health effects, and the grime and gunk from a flood make it spread everywhere.
  5. Structural Damage
    If the flood was bad enough, your house might collapse. This is partially due to rot and partially due to foundation erosion. The worst-case scenario isn’t always the case, but the number of homes that have been completely washed away due to a flood is staggering.

Floods are an expensive disaster to remedy. This is because they rip apart homes from the inside, they are very common, and it takes a lot of coordination between different industries to remedy. Having basement leaks caused by an unavoidable flood is a tragedy. Do your best to prepare and make sure your basement is waterproofed.

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