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repair basement leaksThere are certain things every homeowner should know how to do in order to maintain a functioning home. While you don’t need to be a professional to take care of small issues in your home, it helps to know the basics. The following five home repairs are easy to learn, but hard to master.

  1. Repair Basement Leaks
    Since 98% of all homes that have basements will experience water damage at some point, it’s important to know how to repair basement leaks. Calling a professional basement waterproofing specialist is a good idea if you have a constantly wet basement, but you can take care of minor leaks with sealant if you know where to look for cracks. Follow the water and the instructions on your sealant to have a more waterproof basement.
  2. Correct Basic Power Surges
    At the very minimum you should know where your house’s breaker board is located. When you move in, you should label each switch according to which room it powers. This will make life easier when your power goes out in a specific area of your house.
  3. Polish Scratched Floors
    Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they can be scratched and dented fairly easily. Always have some varnish and polish available in the event you gouge your floor or dining room table.
  4. Use Basic Tools
    Screwdrivers and drills might be easy enough. Knowing how to use a circular saw, belt sander, lathe, level, and various measuring instruments is quite a different story. Get familiar with these type of tools. Owning a home means you won’t have a handyman on call to fix your broken things.
  5. Sew Ripped Clothes
    Sewing seems to be a lost art. That’s unfortunate, because people still rip their clothes all the time. Knowing how to sew either by hand or with a machine can save you a lot of money on clothes in the long run.

There are many small things any homeowner will have to do around the house. While you could pay someone to do each of the above things, they are mostly easier to do by yourself. Sometimes, like with severe basement leaks or dangerous electrical issues, it is better to call for help.

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