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basement water leaksMold is any homeowner’s enemy. It can grow and spread without being visible and can cause numerous health complications. Most often, once you notice mold, it is too late and your home will already be suffering from serious effects. Here are some of the more common signs indicating that you have mold in your home.

A humid home
Humidity, especially during the summer time, can be a warning sign that you need to check for mold. This is because high humidity can lead to condensation and water accumulation within the house, and some breeds of mold can live off the humidity present in the air. As a general rule, keep the humidity levels of your HVAC unit around 30-60% to prevent mold from growing.

Basement water leaks
No one likes a wet basement, except for mold. As mentioned above, mold loves moisture. Whether the water has entered through a crack in your foundation or a leaky pipe, it is crucial to invest in basement waterproofing from a reputable contractor in order to repair those basement water leaks. Also, it is important to dry out your home as soon as possible once it has gotten wet, as mold can grow within 24 to 48 hours.

Water stains
Notice a yellowish stain on your walls, doorways, and floors? What about around window frames? Have you seen any weird condensation on your windows? This can mean you have water damage on the interior structure of your home. Usually, the water stain is the last to appear compared to mold, so invest in water proofing solutions right away once you notice these spots.

Peeling paint and wallpaper
The number one reason for peeling paint and wallpaper is that the wall is suffering from extreme water damage. And wherever there is standing water, there will be mold. Even when it’s in between the walls, mold is a cause for alarm since the microscopic spores can travel through the home’s air.

Poor ventilation
A room that is poorly ventilated can suffer from moisture problems. There could be a backup or clog somewhere in the way of the home’s pipes, and because ventilation helps to eliminate water problems, a lack of proper airflow will allow moisture to remain in the home.

Do you think your home suffers from mold? Contact our basement waterproofing company today so you can breathe easily.

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