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repairing foundation problemsSimply put, a home relies on the sturdiness of its foundation to stay intact. This is because if something happens and the basement is compromised, the homeowner will have to deal with a moldy home, a wet basement, and plenty of headaches! So to prevent any accidents from happening, it is crucial to invest in preventative maintenance and home waterproofing solutions right away.

However, preventative maintenance requires the homeowner to take lengths to know and identify problems in their home. There are plenty of signs that a home is experiencing problems with its foundation, and here we explain some of the most common red flags for you to keep an eye out for!

  1. Uneven floors
    Is your floor sloping, uneven, or has even separated from the wall? If so, then repairing foundation problems is in your immediate future as this can mean there is extensive water damage to deal with.
  2. Cracked moldings
    Another sign of water damage, cracked or displaced moldings is a big red flag that foundation repairs are imminent.
  3. Broken foundation blocks
    Cracks in your exterior brick mean that there is a lot of pressure built up, most likely from water, against your foundation. Foundation cracks are a serious problem and as a rule of thumb if you notice a crack wider than one-fourth of an inch, or if you notice stair step cracks, you should call a waterproofing specialist right away.
  4. Cracks, bowing or problems with molding on your walls
    Oftentimes your walls show the first signs of water damage. It can show itself in many different ways, such as split paneling, large cracks, peeling wallpaper, ceiling separation, and large areas with bowing.
  5. Trouble opening and closing doors and windows
    If you’re having problems opening or closing your doors and/or windows, this can be a sign that your foundation has shifted because of water damage. Clues to look for include door frame separation, the door frame sinking towards the middle, and windows no longer having a perfectly square frame.

Repairing foundation problems couldn’t be easier if you keep these simple red flags in mind! Remember, preventative maintenance is key, so please call our foundation repair contractors today to make your foundation sturdy again.

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