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basement waterproofing servicesHaving a leaky basement can cause damages that range from annoying to downright dangerous. If your belongings get ruined from your wet basement, it’s undoubtedly upsetting. If your foundation cracks widen due to years of water erosion… Well, your house could collapse. The problem is that sometimes simply fixing basement water leaks isn’t enough. You need to understand why they are happening before seeking basement waterproofing services. So, here are some common and unexpected reasons for your leaky basement.

  1. Vegetation
    If you are a gardener and you have plants near your home’s foundation, they could be directing water toward existing cracks. Any plants that are within two feet of your home pose a serious risk of increasing the water flow around the foundation. Also, make sure plants that dig deeper roots are placed further away from your home.
  2. Temperature Swings
    Most homes develop microfractures early on in their lifespan. If water entered the concrete on a warm day and then froze overnight, it would expand. The ensuing ice would push the concrete further apart, widening the cracks. This is largely unavoidable if you live in a seasonal climate, but basement waterproofing services can fix these cracks easily.
  3. Gutter Blockage
    This one you can do on your own if you have a ladder. When gutters get clogged, they can overflow. No matter how severe the backflow, water will accumulate around your foundation. Over time, it will begin to seep in. Luckily, this issue is totally preventable and free to fix.
  4. Poor Construction Location
    Houses are built on a hill. At least they should be. That said, people make mistakes. If your home wasn’t built on a sufficient slope, water won’t flow away from it at all. Instead, it will accumulate around the base, leaving you home at constant risk of needing foundation repairs.

Completely waterproof basements are rare. That is unless you have a basement waterproofing company ensure your foundation is secure and your belongings are safe. Still, knowing the various causes of water accumulation around your basement can save you a lot of time. If you have any questions about a leak in your basement, or if you need your foundation repaired, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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