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basement waterproofing contractorIt is no secret that homeowners never want excess water in their home. But, unfortunately, when it does come in they don’t react as they should. Some homeowners have the idea that a small leak is no big deal; however, it is important to remember that any leak you see in your home needs to be taken care of immediately–because they can only get worse!

To keep wet basements at bay, here are some signs you need to call a basement waterproofing contractor right away.

You see mold or mildew growth
Mold is never a good sign, partly because chances are it has been in your basement for a long time. This fungus forms in a damp, moist environment and can even be present even though you can’t smell or see it. You can notice mold being all the different colors of the rainbow from yellow to green, black, and blue.

You find the smallest of cracks
Like we have mentioned before, no crack in your foundation is a good crack to have. As a rule of thumb, if your foundation crack is wider than one fourth of an inch wide, or if you notice stair step cracks in your blocks, you need foundation repairs right away. If you don’t take measures, your entire basement could be compromised with the next rain or snow storm.

You smell mildew
While it is normal for unfinished basements to smell musty once in a while, a consistent moldy, mildew smell is a bad sign.. The smell of mildew can be the first clue you have a you have a problem in your home. Follow your nose, as the leak could be caught in a hard to reach place.

You notice a white substance on your walls
Known as efflorescence, this white chalky powder is a mineral deposit that enters your home after a major leak. It is not something to be immediately concerned about, but should be taken care of right away to ensure the longevity of your walls.

If you are noticing any or all of these common symptoms, do not hesitate to contact our basement waterproofing contractors today. We will get your home toasty and dry in no time at all!

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