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basement cracks and leaks

It’s one of the most inevitable parts of owning a home: finding basement cracks and leaks or concrete settling within your basement. It’s estimated that more than 98% of homes that have basements will be hit with water damage.

Concrete settling, in particular, can be an alarming phenomenon to witness — especially if it’s taking place in your basement floor. Basement water leaks stemming from concrete settling make up a stunning 26.4% of insurance loss claims in the country.

Luckily, you can usually hire foundation repair contractors to perform a sealing service or concrete leveling to prevent you from having to pay for a full replacement.

Not sure why your foundation’s concrete is beginning to shift and settle? Here’s a look at the three most common factors that can cause a concrete foundation to settle:

Drying soil
In many cases, soil that begins to dry and shrink will give a concrete basement little support, causing it to shift and settle. Areas with severe fluctuations in weather are most prone to settlement from drying soil. If you notice cracks in your foundation or concrete floor larger than one fourth of an inch wide, it’s essential to call in a professional.

Leaks in the plumbing
Another common cause of concrete settlement is leaky plumbing. If water is leaking from your pipes into the soil, the soil around your concrete basement will be washed away, forcing the concrete to settle. This also opens up the possibility for more basement cracks and leaks to appear, something no homeowner wants.

Tree root growth
Did you know that tree roots are another common cause behind concrete settlement? Tree roots can be surprisingly powerful — and if your basement is regularly flooded, they will seek out this moisture. To prevent against this, keep the water out of your basement by taking proactive action against basement cracks and leaks.

Have any other questions about repairing foundation problems or fixing basement leaks? Feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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