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water proofing solutionsIf you have a leaky home and it’s causing all sorts of problems, you should take a close look at basement water proofing solutions. Your home could easily become infected with mold, overcome with musty odors, and foundationally damaged if you fail to fix basement water leaks. To dry out your wet basement and keep it that way, there are a few things you will need.

What is causing your leaky basement?
There are many different causes of a leaky basement. Foundation cracks allow groundwater to easily flow in, further widening the cracks. If your basement has windows, they could be improperly sealed, leading to basement leaks when it rains. Your gutters might not let water travel far enough from the base of your home, allowing for excess groundwater build up. Your sump pump could have broken, making these problems even worse.

Which sump pump should you purchase?
Sump pumps are effective flood prevention tools that pump water from the basin beneath the water table away from your house. If the water basin becomes too full, the water level could rise to your basement, causing flooding. That is why most basements today have a sump pump. If a broken sump pump is the cause of your basement’s flooding, you need to get it replaced. There are two main types of sump pump you can choose between.

  • Submersible pumps are generally installed when the house is built. Though they are more powerful, take up less space, and often have a battery backup, they are quite expensive in the long run. This is because they are built in the sump pit, and the only way to access them for repair is by digging up the concrete around them.
  • Pedestal pumps can last between 25 and 30 years if maintained well and kept clean. This is because they aren’t underwater at all times, and they are much easier to access for repairs. The only real downside, besides taking up a little more space than a submersible, is that pedestal pumps have less power. This could spell disaster in a rainstorm of massive proportions, but for most weather, it should be fine.

Whichever pump you choose to replace your old one, take into consideration the value of having it installed by professionals. Keeping your basement dry is incredibly important, so call to learn more about sump pumps and other water proofing solutions today.

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